Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh that newfangled internet...

I am reading a book called Here Comes Everybody; Organizing without Organizations and its very cool. A big picture look at the internet and social networking and their impact on everything in the world.

Basically, we're in the middle of a cultural revolution. But revolutions are hard!! We all know none of us love change. And revolution MEANS lots and lots and lots of change...

I just saw a great piece of theater about this. Mr. and Mrs. Fitch starring John Lithgow on broadway. ($16.50 for student tix! I love being a NYC...more to miss when I move to Atlanta!) The story is about culture mavens aging out of the business and their last ditch efforts to hang on to that life as it ultimately spits them out into a new, arguably better life. (And really it is about the unwavering love of a wife for her husband)

And then today, my friend from camp, Marla, from when I was 8 or 9 (with whom I have reconnected with through Facebook, of course) facebooked me, wanting to share the following story...the context is Marla's mom is shopping. Below is Marla's retelling (retyping) of their discussion which left her in stitches

"And nobody walks in a straight line anymore...they've got their i phones and p phones and q phones and there tapping on there phones."

"Mom there not tapping thats called texting."

"Oh is that what they are doing. And they got those flip things. Could you see me with one of those?"

"Mom, I have one of those flip things. I just pray to got your phone never breaks and you have to learn how to use another one..."

"Oh god! Anyway I gotta get back to this tax know they practically make you bank online now...the statement doesnt tell you anything. And you cant even to get to your account without entering all your information."

"Mom thats why you need to write it in your register, not just grab whatever random checkbook happens to be around."

"Oh year right!"

Moral of the story-change is coming, the revolution is here...some of us will spin the wheels of change and others of us will just be run over by them.

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artlibrarian said...

I'll be glad to im with Marla's mom. I just draw the line at Twitter!